Docebo recognizes that our business can directly and meaningfully affect our environment and society, and we seek to maximize positive impacts and minimize negative ones through our approach to ESG management and performance. As we do so, we are guided by Docebo’s Core Values of Simplicity, Accountability, Togetherness, Curiosity, Innovation, and Impact.

This report is the beginning of a larger journey for Docebians, one we are committed to seeing through to a result that helps build a better world around everyone on the planet. As we begin to frame out our responsibilities as global corporate citizens and discuss our approach to performance, it has become apparent to those involved how closely aligned Docebo’s goals for corporate performance and ESG leadership truly are. We are proud to provide this inaugural ESG report as a new lens through which our stakeholders can see through our eyes and experiences as they learn about our business and the lasting, beneficial impacts we can create.

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